Past Projects

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

  1. Caleb Ashley (Howard University), Sam Cavazos, Marco Reyna, Carlos Salinas, Esteban Melendez, Julian A Caballero: SL(2,C) Character Varieties (mentor: Dr. Lawton)

Fall 2011-Spring 2012

  1. Hyperbolic Crochet: Alberto Lopez & Jesus Chavez (mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  2. Sam Cavazos (LSAMP Scholar, URI awardee): Counting Points on Character Varieties (mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  3. Jesse Anderson: Exploring Plane Partitions (mentor: Dr. Pierce)
  4. Matthew Levine: Weierstrass interpolation of Hecke Eisenstein series (mentor: Dr. Huber)

Fall 2010-Spring 2011

  1. Marisabel Rodriguez (URI scholar): Toric Invariants of Matrices (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  2. Claudia Carranza (Lab Manager): Hyperbolic Crochet (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)

Summer 2010

  1. Raul Mercado Jr., Michael Fischer (HESTEC Participant, LSAMP Fellow): Visualizing the Spaces of Geodesic Chains in the Complex Projective Line (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  2. Cindy Santa-Ana (Lab Manager): Visualizing Chains and Conformal Motion in the Complex Projective Line (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  3. Rodrigo Wong: Group Theory and the Rubiks Cube (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)
  4. Jaime Lopez (HESTEC Participant, High School Research Participant) : Visualizing Shadows of a Flat Torus (Mentor: Dr. Lawton)

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