Math Projects

This is a listing of Math Projects that have been supervised under by EAGL advisors.

1. Rodrigo Wong (UTPA Math Major): Group Theory and the Rubiks Cube (Mentor: Dr. Lawton), Summer 2010
See Final Report.

2. Marisabel Rodriguez-Rodriguez (UTPA Math Major): Toric Invariant Theory (Mentor: Dr. Lawton), Spring 2011
See Final Report.

3. Ramiro Castillo (UTPA Math Major) Complex, Hyperbolic, and Dual Numbers (Mentor: Dr. Lawton), Spring 2013
See Final Report.

4. Carlos Aguirre (UTPA Math Major) Rubiks Square and a New Integer Sequence (Mentor: Dr. Lawton), Spring 2013
See Rubiks Square Sequence and Final Report.

5. Carlos Salinas (UTPA Math Major) Hunting for Characters of Free Group Representations (Mentor: Dr. Lawton), Fall 2013

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