UTPA Major Fair Fall 2011

Each year The University of Texas-Pan American holds a Major Fair where every department is invited to attend. This year's fair took place in the Ballroom at UTPA Wednesday October 12, 2011. EAGL director Dr. Sean Lawton presented demonstrations of geometry and topology between 12-1:30pm as part of the table for the College of Science & Mathematics. Our table won first place! The judges noted the contribution of the Mathematics Department and in particular EAGL's contributions. Most importantly we had the opportunity to speak to many UTPA students looking for the right major. The following link contains EAGL's slides in the Mathematics Department' s slide show: Majors Fair

Links to Videos in Slides:
Counting Representations: AVI FLV
Flat Torus: AVI FLV
Hyperbolic House: AVI FLV

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