Hyperbolic: Pseudosphere 2

Psuedosphere #2 - Hyperbolic's Cone Trying Desperately to be a Sphere
Crafted by: Claudia Carranza
Date: Dec 2010
Yarn: Red Hart Super Saver 100% Acryilic, skein provided by Dr. Sean Lawton
Hook Size: US F
Algorithm: Ch 5, ||: SC 3, INC :||
Note: This item was crocheted using a high amount of tension in order to stiffen the fabric and make it more rigid.

In geometry, the term pseudosphere is used to describe various surfaces with constant negative gaussian curvature. Depending on context, it can refer to either a theoretical surface of constant negative curvature, to a tractricoid, or to a hyperboloid. (Link: Wikipedia - Psuedosphere)

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