High School Geometry Outreach - Randee Beglin

Randee Beglin, math major, student teacher at Edinburg High School and EAGL volunteer at the University of Texas-Pan American, introduced EHS students to different mathematical geometries through a hands-on workshop and presentation to the students on April 12 & 13. She stimulated the students' interest in math, particularly geometry, by asking them what they understood about the world of geometry, and relating it to curvature involved in calculus. Belgin spoke on three types of geometry, Euclidean, Spherical, and Hyperbolic. She then asked the students to participate in tasks for each type, so they may further understand the details in each distinct geometry.


The two-day venture proved a success, with most of the students showing genuine interest and understanding as to why mathematics is useful as well as interesting.

Dr. Lawton followed up with a presentation of his own April 24, 2012.

Right: Depicted is the hyperbolic paper activity

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