Current Projects

Outreach Projects:

  • Your Teachers Are Lying To You & You're Lying To Your Students
  • You Can Count On Monsters
  • Hyperbolic Crochet
  • Math Magic
  • 3D Origami (Coming Soon)
  • BIG Numbers (Coming Soon)
  • I don't know what I'm doing (Coming Soon).

Creative Exposition

  • Sound Of Shapes Project
  • Conformal Geometry Project
  • Puzzles and Transformations
  • Making Moduli Spaces
  • Experiments with Play-Doh and Knot Complements
  • Experiments with Large Mobius Bands

These projects are available for Math Project.

Research Projects

  • Carlos Salinas: Fundamental Group of Singular Loci and Special Words in Free groups
  • Julian Caballero: Special Words in Free groups
  • Ruben Espinoza: Special Words in Free groups
  • Sam Cavazos:Counting Points on Character Varieties

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