EAGL would like to thank the following persons, schools, and organizations for their contributions to our on going Projects:

Outreach Project: Hyperbolic Crochet

  1. Gear Up - UTPA
  2. Dr. Trant, Dean of Science and Mathematics, UTPA
  3. Department of Mathematics, UTPA
  4. Lab Manager 2010-2011: Claudia Carranza
  5. Schools & Teachers:
    • Economedes High School, ECISD: Sonia Arrambula, Alyssa Flores
    • Lincoln Middle School, McAllen ISD: Liza Montemayor
    • Brown Middle School, McAllen ISD: Juan Salazar
    • McAllen Memorial High School, McAllen ISD: Becky Thomas
    • Travis Middle School, McAllen ISD: Martina Reichwald
    • Weslaco East High School, WISD: Dr. Plas
    • Palmview High School, LJISD: Alicia Alfonso, Mr. Alvarez
  6. Material & Supply Donors:
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